Referral Income

Hello friends, welcome to Adsfly . We are an organization providing an excellent earning opportunity for our loyal users. As the name suggests, you are SMART enough to choose Adsfly as a platform to make a career for yourself. Join our free and unique earning concept where you earn a onetime joining bonus and unlimited referral bonus.

We share everything with our close and loved ones. Why not share this beautiful smart way of life. Get your family members and friends to join you in this endeavor to excel, perform and grow. You will not only provide them a full time or part time job, but will also equip them to think SMART. When a member joins through your reference you earn a referral commission as per the chart given here.

Level Team Income Per Joining Total Income
Self 1 Rs. 5 Rs. 5
Level 1 10 Rs. 2 Rs.20
Level 2 100 Rs. 1 Rs. 100
Level 3 1000 Rs. 0.50 Rs. 500
Level 4 10000 Rs. 0.35 Rs. 3500
Level 5 100000 Rs. 0.25 Rs. 25000
Level 6 1000000 Rs. 0.20 Rs. 200000
Level 7 10000000 Rs. 0.15 Rs. 1,500,000