Privacy Policy

The refer and earn process through our platform is operated under the company’s privacy policy. The associated members are abide to follow all the terms and conditions. Violations are strictly prohibited . The company has the sole right to undertake severe legal steps against any individual who attempt to violate these rules and regulations.

An individual needs to register online to become a member. They have to fill all the original details and scanned copies of the required original documents.

Only a legal and native Indian citizen will be eligible to join the programs and projects organized under the company. .

The issued rewards or transaction will be issued after proper investigation and verification by the program entities and related authorities.

We are free to take strict and necessary actions against any fraud or default activities.

The rewards, transactions or bonuses are given to the relevant members after the accomplishment of the desired target within the stipulated time period. .

The participants are bound to follow the rules and regulations designed and quoted by the program entities and their designers once they join the program.

The members are responsible to hold and release harmless program entities and their parental companies, its affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, officers, licensees, licensors, directors ,shareholders, attorneys, agents and any other relevant personalities or authorities.

The referral email and link must be scattered in a private and confidential manner.

There should be no any claims or complaints on the company and its concerned authorities regarding any personal losses, claims, demands, damages, liabilities, costs, expenses, injury, death and so on belonging to the user.

The members should take care of its own data corruption, theft, destruction, unauthorized access and leakage of any such personal information.